Choson Martial Arts

Master Nigel May- Dojo Cho


Master May's art is  Hosinsul all other arts build on the strong street effective martial arts of Hapki Hosinsul. Hapkido for the flowing locks pins and takedowns, Yusul for the street effective ground combatives. 

Modern approach to Korean Martial Arts for todays society.

Hapkido, Hosinsul, Tukgong Musul, Yusul.... Every Art we teach is for the real time self defense. What works for today is what keeps you safe.


Master May oversees SungMooKwan Hapkido in Australia under the Grand Masters GM Julian lim KOMA Sepac Malaysia and GM Hwang Kidoe Hae Korea as well as Hapki Hosinsul under Grand Master Hwang South Korea. 

In 2013 Master may also received the privilege of Representing Australia with the TukGong Musul.


Master May has been honored to train with some of the best Korean Martial Artists in Korea and Malaysia. Currently teaches 4 times a week in Western Australia.

He regularly visits Dojangs in Victoria and helps coordinate dojangs in NSW and Queensland. At 51 Master May is still evolving the core Martial arts of Hapkido Hosinsul and Yusul adapting to modern society.

National Representative 

 International Hosinsul Federation (South Korea)

 Kido Hae (South Korea)

 Tuk Gong Musul (Special Forces South Korea)

 KOMA Sepac (Malaysia)

We are honored to have Master May as a associate dojo of the International Ryukyukai. Master May has sought out to reaffirm the link of Japanese Jujutsu and Aikijujutsu and it's history, in relation to the Korean arts.

84 Koorabin Dve  Yallingup, Western Australia, Australia 6282 

 +61 432 659 260