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 The organizational headquarters in now at hombu dojo in Pittston, Pennsylvania (USA). These arts have been developed extensively by our ancestors’ skills and imagination and have been handed down to us for many generations. Many people all the world over want to learn traditional Japanese martial arts, or Budo. 

All practitioners must try their best not only to understand Budo and Japanese culture, but they must also respect their own culture. Our common aim is to build strong ties through our efforts and to spread and develop the martial arts all over the world. We believe this to be the role of martial arts in modern society- a better world through martial education. The International Division has the responsibility overseeing all international members. 

The Ryukyukai has official representatives and coordinators in  Germany (European operations), Australia and in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Maryland.


The Ryukyukai seeks to recruit prospective members of good moral character, in addition to being well accomplished martial artists. If you are looking for a quality organization that seeks to expand your knowledge in traditional Japanese budo, then make an inquiry about how we can help you.

We are honored to be affiliated with the following organizations, giving us direct links to Japan.





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