New World Mixed Martial Arts

Master Bill Bryan - Dojo Cho

 New World Mixed Martial Arts / TAIKENJU-RYU Martial Arts Academy of Philadelphia offers all- inclusive Freestyle Martial Arts training. Our affiliated students are located in dojos and gyms in the United States and in various parts of the world.

New World Mixed Martial Arts training is the application of traditional philosophy with modern principles of self-defense. We provide a strong variety of Mixed Martial Arts training to fit the needs of our diverse student base.

 New World Mixed Martial Arts training and curriculum focuses on what we call the 4 Primary Attributes: aliveness, adaptability, speed, economy of motion. We incorporate concepts from many martial arts styles but swear to none. All knowledge can be useful.

New World Mixed Martial Arts offers training under the guidance of Head Coach, Master Bill Bryan and his many years of dedication to the martial arts. Having earned Black Belt and Instructor levels in several styles and systems of martial arts, Master Bill has developed a unique system of self-defense that is easy to learn and quick to apply if applied in a physical confrontation. Our program offers training in formal training Traditional Martial Arts, JKD / Kali / Silat, Self- Defense and Combat Sports.

Small Group, Private, Semi-Private and Competition Training Available to  those who qualify.

To start your Philadelphia New World Mixed Martial Arts Journey, please contact us at:

631 Bethlehem Pike Erdenheim, PA 19038 

 (267) 627-4885