Paul J. Zavislak Kyoshi

Paul Zavislak Sensei began his martial arts journey at the age of 14 in Zen Budo Kai Karate under the instruction of Steve Newman Sensei in Kingston PA. Eventually Mr. Zavislak gravitated to the aiki arts in 1990 and began his martial education in aikido and Japanese Swordsmanship under the instruction of Carl Long Hanshi of Sakura Budokan of Kingston PA and under Long Sensei’s tutelage for over 20 years, he operated the Seishinkan Dojo at the Berwick YMCA in 2000.

In 2009, Mr. Zavislak  began intensive Shugyo training in the arts of aikijujutsu and jujutsu, seeking to better understand the nuances of both arts.  Zavislak Sensei maintains a training relationship and friendship with Salahuddin Mohammed Sensei of  Hontai Hakkei Ryu Aikijujutsu, valuing Mohammed Sensei's methodology and counsel.   

Zavislak serves as the President/CEO and Chief Instructor for the International Ryukyukai Martial Arts Association, directing budo activities for association dojos in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Zavislak Kyoshi also sits on the Dai Nippon Seibukan Renmei USA Board of Directors as Vice President.   Mr. Zavislak began training with George Parulski Hanshi in various koryu and budo arts, in an effort to become a more well rounded martial artist.

Additionally, Mr. Zavislak has also joined Daito Ryu Renshinkan Hombu dojo, located in Nagano city Japan.  Zavislak Kyoshi fully supports the mission of the Renshinkan, which is to fully codify and understand, all the various branches of Daito Ryu aikijujutsu. Mr. Zavislak is training directly under the supervision of Michio Takase Sensei of Hombu dojo   

In 2016, Sensei was inducted into the prestigious Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society.  As of 2018,  Eleven of his students were inducted into this elite association, in recognition of their martial arts excellence.

 Zavislak Sensei has an extensive military and police background and is certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as a defensive measures instructor, police tactics instructor, firearms instructor, and general law enforcement instructor. He has also served as an academy instructor for basic federal agents.  Zavislak holds over 30 instructor certifications in firearms, police tactics, and other law enforcement disciplines. Through his experience in taihojutsu, Sensei has trained various local, state and federal law enforcement officers in these methods. This allows the officers to better perform their duties, while reducing the risk to both the officer and subject.

​Sensei has trained and has been exposed to various martial disciplines to include Silat, Military Combatives, Modern MMA techniques, various knife and weapons systems.

 Mr. Zavislak currently holds senior level ranking in the following arts-

9th Dan Sentou Ryu Aiki Heiho

7th Dan Seibukan Nihon Ryu Jujutsu

6th Dan Seibukan Nihon Taihojujtsu

6th Dan Seibukan Aikido

5th Dan Seibukan Kenjutsu

2nd Dan Matsuda den Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu 

Menkyo Shihan in Sentou Ryu Aiki Heiho

Kyoshi - Dai Nippon Seibukan Renmei

  Zavislak Sensei holds as a core belief the continued education of the martial artist and frequently attends workshops and seminars in various martial arts systems and frequently cross trains with other instructors of differing styles.

Zavislak Sensei, along with his wife are active in community affairs and charity work. They frequently host low cost women's self defense and empowement seminars across the greater New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area