George Paulishak Sensei

George Paulishak Sensei began his martial arts journey in 1965 while attending the University of Scranton as an undergraduate. Paulishak Sensei pursued karate and Judo for approximately 4 years. He eventually gravitated to Aikido and began training in the art at the New Jersey School of Aikido in 1971. Upon coming back to the area in 1973,  he trained under Master Rodger Sparks at the Mid Valley Karate Club in Tang Soo Do. Paulishak Sensei trained in Tang Soo Do for 13 years.

​In 1990 he began training at Sakura Budokan for 12 years in Aikido and achieved the rank of Shodan. Paulishak Sensei also holds ranking in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido from Carl Long Sensei.

​In 2005 he began training at Atemi Kobu-Jutsu Renmei of Syracuse, NY.  Instructors D. Blair Campbell Shihan, Donald Bridy PhD and Albert Glenn Richardson III in the pursuit of researching and understanding the cultural influences related to the development and dissemination of martial arts systems.

​Paulishak Sensei has also worked extensively for almost 30 years in the areas of social work, counseling and substance abuse. He primary focus was drug and alcohol abuse and children and adolescent intervention.

​In August of 2000, Mr. Paulishak earned his M.S. in Community Counseling from the University of Scranton.

​Paulishak Sensei currently holds the following rankings-

4th Dan Sentou Ryu Aiki Heiho

​3rd Dan Ryukyukai  Aikido

​2nd Dan Ryukyukai Taihojutsu

Menkyo Okuri in Sentou Ryu Aiki Heiho