Ed Kushnerick Sensei

Ed Kushnerick began martial arts training at 13 years old at the Shaolin Kung Fu School in Scranton PA under Master Brian Felter, learning Pai Lum White Dragon Fist, Shaolin and some Northern Eagle Claw and Mantis Kung Fu.

Eventually attaining the rank of Blue Belt before leaving the school to attend University. During this time he studied Tang Soo Do under Master Trojanowicz and Judo under Master Frank Murty briefly but did not pursue either system in depth. 

Taking a hiatus from formal training for some time he again returned to training in 2009 after interviewing and being accepted as a student by Master Robert Smith at the Academy of Asian Martial Arts.

Training consisting of Sun Style Hsing I, Baguazhang, Tai Chi, Tong Bei as well as Yang Tai Chi, Shuai Jiao and Wu Dang Sword where he is currently an assistant instructor.

This training shares a great many principles and body mechanics to aikijujutsu as well.  Kushnerick emphasizes in his training, the 

relationship of movement between Chinese and Japanese arts. 

Currently, Kushnerick Sensei is ranked-

1st Dan in Ryukyukai  Taihojutsu

1st Dan  Sentou Ryu Aiki Heiho

Menkyo Okuri in Sentou Ryu Aiki Heiho

 1st Duan ranking  Bao Ding Kuai 

                                    Jiao/Shuai Jiao

                                    Yang Style Tai Chi Quan

                                    Sun Style Xing Yi Quan

                                    Sun Style Ba Gua Zhang 

                                    Wu Dang Jian and Qi Gong.