Steve Corbett Sensei

Steve Corbett is ranked 3rd Dan in Ryukyukai Aikido, 4th Dan in Sentou Ryu Aiki Heiho and 1st Dan in Ryukyukai Taihojutsu (Japanese police arrest techniques) and he has studied and practiced various martial arts for many years. Additionally, Corbett Sensei holds Menkyo Okuri in Sentou Ryu Aiki Heiho.

Corbett began his training the same time he learned to walk. A black and white photograph taken in November, 1953 shows him ready to fight on the kitchen table at 2 ½ years of age. Wearing white baby shoes and his father’s trunks, his hands are encased in his father’s 16 ounce Army boxing gloves. His chin is perfectly tucked and protected.

In 1972, Corbett finished as runner-up in the heavyweight novice class in the Dublin, Ireland, city and county boxing championships. Over the years, Corbett studied and practiced Shotokan karate, Pai Lum Kung-Fu, judo, iaijutsu/iaido, jojutsu and other forms of fighting arts and self-defense. He has worked as a bouncer and doorman in South Florida having gained extensive experience in street level confrontations.

Corbett, 66, is a pesco-vegetarian who continues to train in his three primary arts as well as practice daily yoga, Qigong and zazen (Zen Buddhist meditation). A journalist and former radio personality, Corbett has shifted his focus to authoring several books.  He lives with his wife, Stephanie, in the Hill Section of Scranton, where they cultivate a Japanese Zen garden and grow abundant peace.